VNC to home from work Njmelchi "at"
Thu, 07 Jun 2001 13:13:06 +0000

Thanks for the replies.  I have a password set on my Win98 machine (and
yes, I know what the password is).
Port forwarding at work is not an option for me either.
Thanks for the help.  Looks like it can't be done without port forwarding.


"John Stevens" <jwsteven "at"> on 06/06/2001 09:35:08 PM

Please respond to <jwsteven "at">

To:   <Njmelchi "at">
Subject:  RE: VNC to home from work

Hi Nick,

See.  Told you I was new.  :-))  Learned something myself.  Check the post
from James Weatherall below:

 <<<  The Java VNC Viewer requests a password before it attempts to
regardless of whether the server really needs one.


James "Wez" Weatherall >>>

The above notwithstanding, the rest of my reply remains correct.  Mine
using either the VNC browser or IE5.5 in a similar situation...  I have not
done port forwarding.  The IT guys would massacre me for touching one of
their precious routers. ;-)

jwsteven "at"
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