VNC Connection Freezes

Mark Harris harrismh "at"
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:33:12 +0000

I did not see this come through the list the other day,  so I thought I
      would resend it.   This code snippet corrects the vnc hand freeze on
      the windoze viewer.



One of the folks in our lab,  John Fuenning,  fixed this problem by adding
an additional line of code to the WndProc method of the
ClientConnections.cpp file.    The following is a snippet with the
additional line marked in red and with <<=================.

Apparently its just a matter of marking  SetDormant(false)  when the
'fullscreen'  check option is selected.   Play with it and let me know what
you think.   I hope there isn't anything more subtle laying around under
there that makes this trickier than we think it is.

Hope this helps.


     case WM_SYSCOMMAND:
               switch (LOWORD(wParam)) {
               case SC_MINIMIZE:
               case SC_RESTORE:
               case ID_NEWCONN:
                    return 0;
               case ID_CONN_SAVE_AS:
                    return 0;
               case IDC_OPTIONBUTTON:

                    if (_this->m_opts.DoDialog(true)) {
                         _this->m_pendingFormatChange = true;

                         // This isn't always needed
                         InvalidateRect(hwnd, NULL, TRUE);

                         // Make the window correspond to the requested


                    return 0;
               case IDD_APP_ABOUT:
                    return 0;
               case ID_CONN_ABOUT:
                    return 0;
               case ID_FULLSCREEN:
                    // Toggle full screen mode
                    return 0;
               case ID_REQUEST_REFRESH:
                    // Request a full-screen update
                    return 0;

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