Unusual Failed to Connect to Server Problem, Newbie

Tony Osio tosio "at" transitionsgroup.net
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 17:25:11 +0000

Our company has been using VNC for quite sometime with excellent results.
However, I am having one particular server that is being troublesome.

The server I am trying to reach is running VNC version 3.3.3r7.  It is
running on a static IP with NAT.  When I move the mouse cursor over the VNC
logo, it will only display the internal IP address.  When I try to connect
with my VNC viewer to that server using the computers external, static IP
address, it returns the dreaded Failed to Connect to server message.  I can
ping the server with the external IP address without trouble from my
computer.  And when my computer is running VNC server and the other computer
is running VNC viewer, it can connect to my computer without a problem.

I didn't see a way to reconfigure VNC to display the external IP address on
the server, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions out there?

Tony Osio
Information Technology Technician
Transitions Group
(316) 262-9100, Ext. 137

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