VNC with KDE 2 and JBuilder

Manuel Mall MM "at"
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 04:49:00 +0000

I just upgraded on our Redhat 6.2 system from KDE 1.x to KDE 2.1. Initially
VNC access didn't work at all but after scanning the list I found the tip of
starting vncserver with -depth 16 and the problem appeared to be solved.
However, I then found out that JBuilder had stopped working under VNC, ie.
the display shows only a window with a black background. Again looking
through this list I found a someone saying that Java seems to require the
standard depth of 8.

Has anyone found a solution for this dilemma: KDE won't work with -depth 8
and JBuilder won't work with - deph 16. So how can I run JBuilder within KDE
accessed through VNC?


PS: If you wonder why I upgraded to KDE 2.1 when everything was working fine
before: A customer came to us asking for support of an application developed
under Kdevelop 1.4 which in turn requires KDE 2.x. In particular supporting
this application requires both: A  Java development environment for servlets
and JSPs and a C++ development environment for some very specific interface
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