TightVNC crash on 6 of 16 NT servers

Eric Carlson ECarlson "at" InvisibleRobot.com
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 16:23:57 +0000

  Two days ago I installed TightVNC 1.20 on 16 Windows NT 4.0/SP6a
servers in place of plain VNC 3.3.3r9. On 6 of the servers, when I try
to connect, TightVNC server gives a Dr. Watson error, and stops working
(I've tried both clients, with the same results). So far, the other 10
servers are okay.

  All of the servers will let me connect within a few minutes after I
boot them, but within the next hour or the next day, TightVNC stops

  I didn't have problems with the 3.3.3r9 server.

  The servers each have different combinations of hardware, so the
problem doesn't appear to be caused by a specific piece of hardware.

  To install TightVNC, I replaced the old VNC files, and then
uninstalled and reinstalled the VNC service, and rebooted the servers.

  Should I switch all the servers back to 3.3.3r9, or is there another
solution? Did I install TightVNC incorrectly? I originally installed VNC
3.3.3r9 with the install program.

- Eric, http://www.InvisibleRobot.com/
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