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David Jackson david "at"
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 09:50:43 +0000

I have got WinVNC 3.3.3R9 running on my home network, between my old
computer and my new one.  It links fine through my network cards and a
coaxial cable.

I have now taken my old computer to a friends house and connected it to his
phone line, but I cannot now dial into it from my new computer at home.  Nor
can he dial into my computer from there.  I seem to have got all the
settings right, but when it dials his number, and it answers, my old
computer does not pick up the signal.  What am I doing wrong?   I am
searching on the IP number, which is for the old computer and for the new computer, which works fine on the home network
through the cable connection but I have never got it working through a modem
connection.  How do I ping the old computer?  How do I telnet, whatever that

Similarly, I have set up a network of 5 PCs for a client in Birmingham,
which happily use Winvnc to communicate with each other.  But I cannot dial
into their system from here, even though I have set up their system to allow
me to do so.

Any ideas?
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