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Ernie Oporto Ernie.Oporto "at"
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:46:19 +0000

That's just what I need, but it's Java based and seems extremely slow.  I
would have done a wget to each machine every 5 minutes, saving the file off
to the web server content area so that people could view those pics, but it
takes too long on these machines (Win2k SP1, 1.5GHz P4s with 1GB memory) to
take the picture while they're crunching chip designs and the picture never
shows.  Since the machines are still usable at the console while number
crunching and even VNC is usable at that time, I'm guessing something is a
little off on the app.

C:\Documents and Settings\sysmgr\Desktop\screenserver>java scrnserv
Thread number: 1  ; Accessed from:
Closed Thread number: 1
Thread number: 2  ; Accessed from:
Closed Thread number: 2
Thread number: 3  ; Accessed from:
Closed Thread number: 3
Thread number: 4  ; Accessed from:
Closed Thread number: 4
Thread number: 5  ; Accessed from:
Closed Thread number: 5

It does seem to acknowledge the connection and close the thread very
quickly, though.


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> Mr. Tanaka has written just such a tool in Java (qoute from his website):
> "ScreenServer is a simple WWW server. The unique function is that when the
> server is accessed by a client (WWW browser such as netscape navigator and
> internet explorer), it captures the server's screen and sends the screen
> image to the client as a jpeg file. So, the client can monitor
> the server's
> screen remotely.
> Since ScreenSever uses native method to capture screen, currently it runs
> only on Windows95/NT. "
> You can get it from his homepage (source included):
> Hope it's on target
> Rasmus Mxller
> IT Systemprogrammering
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> Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 16:16:31 -0400
> From: "Ernie Oporto" <Ernie.Oporto "at">
> Subject: Screen capture
> I'm interested in whether anyone knows of a Win32 app that connects to
> machines running VNCserver and captures an image of the screen to
> save to a
> file.
> My main interest is taking images of screens on a Win2k server farm and
> putting them where they can be accessed by a web server.  I've been asked
> to
> allow users to directly connect to the vncservers on those
> machines so they
> can check on the status of running jobs, but I know they'll all be
> perpetually connected and possibly playing with the setup of the machines.
> Alternately, if someone knows of a screencap tool that can run at a
> commandline, I could just use the Task Scheduler to get the pic every 5
> minutes.
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> Ernest A. Oporto, Systems Administrator
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