VNC Password Auto-Entry Mac68K

Michael R Goodwin spamme0 "at"
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 06:53:02 +0000

Unfortunately, VNCthing requires OS8.1
I'm using Mac OS7.5.5  Not sure if this is the latest the
powerbook will run, but it is the latest I could find for free.
Guess I should have mentioned that I'm looking for a free
solution.  VNC is free, shouldn't have to pay for a way to
start it.
> Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 02:07:30 +0100
> From: Jonathan Morton <chromi "at">
> Subject: Re: VNC Password Auto-Entry Mac68k???
> >VNC Password Auto-Entry Mac68k???
> >
> >I'm using a Macintosh 68K Powerbook 540
>>running OS 7.5.5
> >with touch panel as a front end for my
> >home automation network. 
> >
> >Problem is the password.  I have no keyboard
> >to enter the password.  Is there a way to make the
> >Macintosh 68K version of VNC start without entering
> >a password?
> >
> >I'm using WinVNC 3.3.3R7 as the server.
> Save a connection file using that, and edit it to contain a password 
> line.  Instructions should be included.
> HTH,
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