SOCKS 5 support added to Win32 VNC Viewer

Seanster Seanster "at"
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 01:47:11 +0000

Hey folks. I have made some improvements to the win32 vnc viewer version

Back in November I hacked 3.3.3r3 so I could get past a socks
firewall. Now I finally spent some time to integrate this as a full
feature and fix a few other things that annoy me on a daily basis.

Here's what I have added:

Establishing a connection through a SOCKS 5 compliant firewall.
(very basic though - one that does not require authentication)
Just enter a name like: " "at""

Load & Save the last used connection options in the registry.

Checkbox option to suppress the 
"Here's how you get out of fullscreen" nag box.

Run connection files in explorer without the need to register VNC.

Configuration file names which contain spaces and/or 
are surrounded by double quotation marks.

Details of these modifications are in a file called
"SDM_Changes_To_Source.txt" in the project directory.

I don't have anything to make nice patch files on my windows box so for
now I have the whole project available for download. Someone give me a
clue and I'll make a patch file.

You can get the .exe and/or the project files here:

This has not had any extensive testing. Use at your own risk. 
It works for me and that's what really matters :)

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