step by step PalmVNC?

M L schumpidu "at"
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 15:37:26 +0000

--- In vnc-list "at" y..., Tim Sampson <tim "at" c...> wrote:
> Ah, I gave up on that one too. There is some
software that can be downloaded
> to make the process very simple, but there is a
license fee. I think it's
> $10. (Mocha PPP, or something)
> It is supposed to be possible to connect up with
dial-up server and direct
> cable connection, but nobody seems to be able to
elabourate on that one.

We did this, and this is not the problem. This tool
does its purpose, but we want to run VNC, not just
establish a connection. VNC over it doesn4t work, too.
So the original problem is still standing here to get
PalmVNC running.


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