Info on aix vnc patches

Charles Hines hines "at"
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 14:20:44 +0000

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Grober <mgrober "at"> writes:

Marc> Aideen, Charles, Clayton, Jan etc.
Marc> The aix patches are still apparently not referenced from the web site.
Marc> What does the patch do vis-a-vis v3.3.3r2. Does the Bull version
Marc> require the patches? Where can the aix patches be obtained now.
Marc> Does anyone know if the replacement scripts being offered by Jan
Marc> ( enabling the inetd option) are simply
Marc> the result of the application of Charles' patches or his own or are they
Marc> just alterations in the vncserver script (adding the CDE configuration)

I have no idea what that site did to generate those AIX execs.

If you need that patch, you can search the VNC archives for it.  I sent it to
the list when someone pointed out that my old website dissappeared.  Actually,
I just did the search to verify that statement, here it is:

If you want me to email you directly the last patch I did as well as the HTML
that I had for that website, like I did for Clayton, I can.


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