step by step PalmVNC?

M L schumpidu "at"
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 14:05:41 +0000

Hi there,

I am new to this list as I did not get the problem
solved to use PalmVNC correctly. Software is WinNT4,
SP6a, PalmVNC 1.40, VNC is,
hardware is Palm Vx.
Settings in PalmVNC:
Name=<computer name>
server address= ip-address of the host running (and
connected to it via the cradle)
server pw=prompt
server details:
NT user name=my usual user name
NT password=prompt

it just starts to initialize, then it displays "Meldet
an" (i.e. "Logging in") and ends up with an error:
PPP timeout (0x1231) and an OK button. The log puts
out the following:

Opening the network...skipped
Connecting to ""...
ConnectToTcpAddr: cannot connect
Unable to connect to "":5900
ERROR: cannot connect to ""

Online help says to change the port via the keywords
"AutoPortSelect=0" and "PortNumber=<value>", so I did
this in the registry and put there PortNumber=5900
(dec) but this didn4t work, too.
So can anybody please help?
Thanks in advance,


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