Compile-time options (was Re: Forks?) (was Re: Tight VNC)

Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel "at"
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 14:01:12 +0000

Andrew van der Stock wrote:


Great idea - I would support this.


> Anyway, forking code bases is not necessarily bad. Different products for
> different needs works okay (ie Palm code base has different aims to a
> Windows code base (simple features, small and very efficient code size,
> extreme compression needs vs feature rich, object size doesn't really matter
> , speed of display is important). As long as everyone moves to the 5.0
> protocol quickly my security concerns will be assuaged.

And Brian Blevins said:

> As far as AT&T integrating the Tight encoding, I doubt that
> will happen.  They seem to have come to the conclusion that
> hextile achieves a sort of optimum for CPU usage versus
> level of compression.  Of course, a brief comment from
> someone at AT&T would be much preferrable to my musings.

Again, I ask: why aren't all these options and platforms compile-
time options? Is it because of win* people just not having any
concept/experience of this? How about modularizing encoding and
the like, then? Forking isn't always bad, but forking into one
project per binary is madness!

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