VNC Server for Windows NT Embedded (NTE)

Wolfgang Lins wolfgang.lins "at"
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 12:30:38 +0000

I've kompiled a KDF for WinVNC under WindowsNT Embedded.

See the KDF and the repository under

I first have been using NTE's "Graphical remote administration" to connect to a 
headless NTE machine and have a GUI. This basically is a componentized version of 
Netmeeting's Remote Desktop Sharing (RDS). It works fine in the standard NTE.

Then I switched to the SP6 versions of the NT files, and RDS stopped service 
(MNMSRVC.EXE - Application Error). I tried to find out how Netmeeting's RDS works on 
top of a standard NT 4 SP6, and implemented this on a NTE SP6, same result.

So I decided to quit using RDS and switched to good old VNC.
I have not tested the above KDF extensively, but it seems to work.

Comments / bug reports are welcome.

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