How to Enable CDE Screen Saver instead of X Logo in Xvnc?

Hon-Chi Ng honchi_ng "at"
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 10:50:20 +0000

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I run VNC server (Xvnc 3.3.3r2) on Solaris 2.7 box, and connect using VNC
viewer (3.3.3r3) from WinNT/2k box.

My $HOME/.vnc/xstartup is as follow.
  #! /bin/sh

Almost all the settings set using the CDE Style Manager for my CDE desktop
within VNC take effect, except the Screen Blanker/Saver.

The default X logo screen saver of Xvnc always come up, regardless what I
set in CDE Style Manager.

a) I tried

    $ vncserver :1 nologo

   but it only removed the X logo -- the CDE screen saver still didn't come

b) I also tried using

    $ vncserver :1 -s 1

   the -s option didn't have any effect in the time to screen-saver at all.

c) Similarly, -p option seems to be useless.

d) In addition, what do the "-v" and "v" option do?  Neither of them seem to
   have any effect on VNC screen saver.


1. Are any of the above Xvnc options implemented?  If so, what did I do
   wrong?  And how can I fix it?

2. Is there any detail documentation about Xvnc options besides "-help",
   e.g. manpage?

I read through FAQ and searched through the vnc-list archive, I couldn't
find anything mentioned similar to the above problem, except a post dated
Jun 26, 2001 by Adrian Umpleby <a.umpleby "at"> at

However, no solution was posted.  Adrian, if you are reading this post and
if you found a solution to it, can you kindly post it?



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