help needed with vnc video driver

De Vos Rudi "at"
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 10:49:54 +0000

I'm making  progress with a video driver for vnc (win 2000)
-driver can capture bitblt and blitcopy rectangle info direct from the
video card.
-At this point, the driver pass this info as Debug info to the windows
-winvnc read the debugger info and shows the rectangle info in his log.
-still have to convert thoose stings to RECT and pass it as input
(should be finished in a few days)

Help needed:
-Anybody has a sample code or is willing to help: How to pass that info
from the driver dll to winvnc whitout the debug manager.
-The driver pass a lot of little rectangles to winvnc, this is going the
create a protocol overhead when sending this
rectangles to the viewer. The "scanner" normal compose little rectangles
to bigger, but we don't need to scan thoose regions...
-If it works for bitblt, implement the same for blitcopy.

If someone want to help, give me a mail.

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