substitute for rsh and X server on PC?

Marc Grober mgrober "at" AHFC.STATE.AK.US
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 19:18:00 +0000

Presently the inetd option essentially brings up a universal login, but the
end user may not need a complete CDE login and may only need access to a
simple window manager and a few apps. With X on just unix boxes its easy
enough to do this via rsh or ssh but you can run into issues trying to do
this from M$ platforms (commercial apps like Hummingbird have all "the
fixin's" but if you are using vnc to try and bypass $500/per M$
workstation, then you are back to other issues.... which is probably what
brought you to vnc ;=}  )

The vnc architecture is still a bit confusing to me (perhaps because the X
terminology is in part reversed......) but if one wanted to bring up just
one X client, then either one would have to first start the vncserver for
that user and then work some way to bring up the client on the PC..... as
far as I can see, not a seamless process......

There should be a way to use inetd.conf pointing to a user script to allow
the user to source their own .vnc/startup and pop up the app they need
embedded in the browser (as one would do with Broadway) but I don;t
understand enough about how this all gets glued together.

What do I need to have running on the PC vnc-wise to allow remote display
of an app on the PC (without running vnc viewer) i.e. the equivalent of an
X-server? Is there accomplish the same function as using rsh from a PC to
bring up an X app on a PC X-server using vnc (i.e. bypassing

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