VNC -inetd as faq or mini-how-to

Marc Grober mgrober "at" AHFC.STATE.AK.US
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 19:17:52 +0000

Some suggestions:

There are several options for inetd.conf; it would be nice to have a) the
simple command line discussed (as well as issues of course for font server
etc for various platforms); b) the script option (i.e. calling a script
that contains all the settings.... there are a number of examples of this
already available)

Perhaps a simple discussion of the three major xdm options (broadcast,
query and indirect) and how they work (or don't) with vnc.... whether a
"chooser" is available somehow, use of ip versus hostname or "localhost"
vis-a-vis dns/bindorder, etc

Some more detail on setting up web pages (I posted some info a few months
back but don't know that it ever made it to the group) for inetd access

some small discussion of response times (i.e. I have seen machines where
you think all you are getting is the gray screen and X cursor, but in fact
it is taking 30-40 seconds for xdm to provide the CDE login...........)

Some detail on what is actually happening when running the inetd option
(i.e. how the option interfaces with xdm on the various unix flavors and
what files are being sourced on the various targets. For example, telling
someone running aix CDE that xdm is not running is most likely bad info,
while telling them that they need to run fs is probably good info.....)

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