dual display woes

scott wainstock decan "at" the-collective.net
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 18:46:42 +0000


i've searched the archives on the list....and haven't had any luck at
all.....so i figured i'd stop lurking and start talking.....so here is my
trouble, any input at all is INCREDIBLY appreciated.

i have vnc setup on a linux machine. i use Xvnc for the servers and
vncviewer for the viewers. i have this running on a dual headed machine,
so there is a server for :1 and a server for :2. i have the viewers setup
so that one runs on display :0.1 and the other is on display :0.0. here is
the exact set of commandline arguements that i use....

Xvnc -ac -cc 3 -geometry 1280x1024 -alwaysshared :1
Xvnc -ac -cc 3 -geometry 1280x1024 -alwaysshared :2

vncviewer -display :0.0 -fullscreen -encodings raw :1
vncviewer -display :0.1 -fullscreen -encodings raw :2

i am using fvwm2 as my windowmanager.

so when i start this up, i have two vncviewers running....both fullscreen.
my problem is this, i seem to be losing keyboard focus. it comes and goes
in almost a random pattern. i'm unable to type anything into the viewer
and have it come across ok. PLUS, when i try to use the "f8" key to pop up
the pop up menu, sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn't pop up.

i ALWAYS have mouse control......and i ALWAYS can click ok.....but
keyboard control seems to come and go. i've been able to work around this
in some cases by moving the mouse up to the top screen and then back down
to the bottom screen. at that point, focus seems to come back and i
successfully use the F8 key again.

i hope that came across coherantly. it's a fairly straight forward problem
that's easily repeatable.....

if anyone has seen this behavior and knows of a fix, i would appreciate it
a lot.

thanks for your time,
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