xinetd, vnc, and a gray screen :-(

Barn Owl barnowl "at"
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 16:39:07 +0000

To make life easy you may want to "try" and set the X install back to
normal. As i Remeber it, RH has GDM configured when you install gnome.
Try this, At the console type "init 5" (on some boxes this is init 4, so
try both) this reinit the systme to a graphical login (GDM running). If
theat works use linuxconf ( Ithink) to set RH defualt init level to 5(4,
which ever one worked).


Norberto Bensa wrote:
> Ok, I've installed xinetd, I've setup the /etc/xinetd.conf file, and started
> the xinetd daemon but all I get is a gray screen with the well known X
> shaped mouse pointer...
> >From the iXvnc's site (can't remember the URL, but it's somewhere in the
> contribs section) :
> /quote
> Gray screen this is the most reported problem, however it's not a VNC
> problem. If you get a gray screen and nothing else then you probably don't
> have a XDM server running on your network. You should setup one, when this
> is done, you will get a nice login window on your gray screen. Check xdm man
> pages (on the unix shell run: man xdm). Recente desktop environements carry
> specific XDM servers, like KDM for KDE and GDM for GNOME.
> /end quote
> ...sooooooooo... Yupp, I have no XDM server in my network, that's clear...
> What's not clear is, how do I setup one?
> I've been searching mailing list archives, web pages, and everything I see
> is the same "easy" steps, "add * to /etc/X11/xdm/Xaccess", "enable port 177
> in xdm-config"... and a couple of other things that I forget at this moment.
> It's 7:40am here and I've spent all night with this... Editing files,
> killing PIDs, rebooting, restarting, Re-editing some more files, Re-killing
> some more PIDs...  arghhh.... I need some sleep.
> Could some kind soul out there please, post "real" easy step on how to setup
> Xvnc to use -inetd (remember, I'm on RedHat 7.1, I have xinetd). Ohhhh, btw,
> my X setup is "fresh" from sources (XFree86 4.1.0), no RedHat RPMS here.
> Also, I'm using KDE 2.2 as my WindowManager, but from what I've read that
> makes no difference (xdm <==> kdm, do them read the same config files??).
> ... And, Linux-PAM... Could it be responsible?
> Thanks in advance,
> Norberto
> From: "Andrew van der Stock" <ajv "at">
> > Dead Rat 7.1 uses xinetd, ...
> >
> >
> > From: "Norberto Bensa" <nbensa "at">
> > Subject: a little off-topic: I need info about inetd
> >
> >
> > > Hello,
> > >
> > > I've been following the threads about starting vnc with inetd, that's
> > > something I'd like to see here. Unfortunately, inetd seems not to be
> > > part of the RedHat 7.1 distro....
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