Need help: VNCviewer exits on startup when tunneled via SSH

Markus Wollny Markus.Wollny "at"
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 15:30:09 +0000


Mucked about with it all day - to no avail. But symptoms have changed a
little. VNCviewer now says "Connection failed". However, I get a telnet
connection now - well, sort of. It comes up with "RFB 003.003" - and
nothing more; no prompt, nothing. After pressing return six times, it
comes up with "connection to host lost" and I'm falling back to the
Windows command line. That's not too strange, as I don't have telnet
running and it wouldn't listen on port 5902 anyway, even if it was.

I started the SSH-client with verbose option and this gives me the

Connection to port 5902 forwarding to requested.
Address maps to, but this does not map
back to th
Allocated channel 1.

Channel now open, status bits 0

Channel 1 receives input eof.
Channel 1 closes outgoing data stream.
Channel 1 sends oclosed.
Channel 1 closes incoming data stream.
Channel 1 sends ieof.
Channel 1 receives output closed.
Channel 1 terminates.

I'm using OpenSSH-9.2p2 and patched the channels.c with

nextstate = (c->type == SSH_CHANNEL_RPORT_LISTENER) ?
      (c->host_port == 0) ? SSH_CHANNEL_DYNAMIC :


Now comes the strange bit: I tried the TightVNC viewer instead, as you
recommended - and succeeded in getting a connection (I haven't installed
the TightVNC Server yet, though, so that's still the original one). Now
I am quite happy about this fact and enjoy a secure VNC now, but I'd
still like to know if it's my fault (some config-error) or a bug or
incompatibility in the original VNC. This would allow me to judge if my
system is running clean and stable or if I need to worry about loosing
VNC when I just need it most. Does anybody know which changes from the
original to TightVNC might be responsible for fixing a bug like this?

Thanks for your help!



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	Betreff: Re: Need help: VNCviewer exits on startup when tunneled
via SSH

	        Hello! Try this:

	1. Turn off SSH compression (the -C switch). Better/same/worse?
	2. Instead of connecting with the vncviewer, telnet into
	   localhost:5901. Does it connect to an "RFB" prompt?
	3. What version of viewer are you using? Might want to try
	   the Tridia or the TightVNC ones as alternatives.

	        Good luck!

> Hello!
> I'm using VNC to access a linux-box from my Win2k-workstation. I got
> to work so far - alas not quite satisfactorily for my needs.
> I'm using SuSE 7.0 on the linux box and OpenSSH for SSH on port 22.
> linux-box and the workstation have got internal IPs in our LAN as well
> as external IPs (via NAT). What I need to do is set up VNC as well as
> SSH Secure File Transfer to the box to the external IP.
> In a first step I just used the OpenSSH distribution that came with
> 7.0 - everything was running fine except Secure File Transfer, which
> couldn't work because that version of OpenSSH didn't feature it. As
> SuSE 7.0 OpenSSH Distribution was suffering from a securitity flaw
> anyway, I got the latest RPM from SuSE (OpenSSH 2.9p1-17) and
> sFTP was running flawlessly now, but VNC behaved strangely now.
> Before upgrading, I set port-forwarding as follows:
> ssh -C -L 5901:localhost:5901 -l myusername
> I logged myself in with my password and started the vncserver on the
> linux-box with
> vncserver -localhost :1
> Then I startet vncviewer on my workstation using
> vncviewer localhost:1
> It worked fine. So I didn't change anything about that, not even after
> the upgrade.
> Then I upgraded to OpenSSH 2.9p1-17. SFTP was now working. Afterwards
> followed the very same steps - started up the tunnel, then the server
> and then tried to invoke vncviewer - but when I call it, it just exits
> without any error-message whatsoever.
> When calling up a wrong IP or a wrong port intentionally when starting
> vncviewer, I do get the standard error-message "Failed to connect to
> server". As I don't even get this message, I conclude that there is a
> tunnel alright. Still, doesn't help... It must have something to do
> the upgrade to OpenSSH 2.9p1-17, as it was running fine before with
> very same configuration.
> Does anybody have a clue as to what I am doing wrong? I'd be very much
> obliged if anybody could help me with this one. I find VNC so very
> useful that I'd really hate considering working with the command-line
> only again...
> Tanks a lot,
> 		Markus
> This is my sshd_config:
> Port 22
> Protocol 2,1
> ListenAddress
> HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key
> HostKey /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key
> ServerKeyBits 768
> LoginGraceTime 600
> KeyRegenerationInterval 3600
> AllowTcpForwarding yes
> GatewayPorts yes
> PermitRootLogin yes
> IgnoreRhosts yes
> StrictModes yes
> X11Forwarding yes
> X11DisplayOffset 10
> PrintMotd yes
> KeepAlive yes
> SyslogFacility AUTH
> LogLevel INFO
> RhostsAuthentication no
> RhostsRSAAuthentication no
> HostbasedAuthentication no
> RSAAuthentication yes
> PasswordAuthentication yes
> PermitEmptyPasswords no
> ChallengeResponseAuthentication no
> Subsystem	sftp	/usr/lib/ssh/sftp-server
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