fuzzy, grainy, jaggyness?

Michael Grant mg-vnc "at" grant.org
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 20:46:23 +0000

Owl <barnowl "at" uronramp.net>:
> This sounds lke you need to add a font path with the -fp option.
> Exactly why do you need to start X in failsafe mode? I use VNC on
> machines that can not support X consoles at all. just curious about
> this.

Ok, where do I find out the proper font path to use?  I guess you mean 
add it to the Xvnc startup line.

I may be doing this all wrong.  My goal was to have an xserver which I 
could use at any workstation on the lan, but I am principally sitting
in front of the Sun.

I tried to compile that x0rfbserver in rfb-0.1.2, but it didn't
compile straight out of the box and didn't sink a lot of time into
it.  It looked like that would certainly solve most of my problems
because I wouldn't have to start Xvnc on the Sun, I could just use
Xsun I think.

I played with vnc a bit and realized I could start it in full screen
mode.  However, if I were to use it as my principal desktop, why would 
I want to have a full screen desktop on top of some other desktop
complete with window manager that I'd never use.  So, I figured I
could just log into the Sun under the "failsafe" mode which basically
starts nothing, then I could fire up vncviewer in full screen mode and 
work away.  It seemed like there would be less things running that

In principal, this works.  Maybe there's a better way to do this?

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