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Hey guys-
   Well here is an RFC( Request For Comment for those who don't know)
submisson on my FAQ entry for Starting VNC at boot up on *nix platform.
If it meets the with an opkay from the powers that be powers that be, I
would like to get it add to the FAQ page.


Starting VNC at boot-up on a *nix platform

What you need:
1 Linux server
1 vnc client
1 working XDM
1 copy of VNC  3.3.3r4 or higher

>>Note You need root access to make the need modifications to boot scripts. Also the use of the Xvnc -inetd option does not effect normal operation of command line vncserver

Edit /etc/services to define the new Xvnc ports: <service-name> <port
number>/tcp. The basic setup is:

	#Vnc ports
	vnc	5950/tcp

This will open a port at 5950 listening for a vnc connection.

Edit /etc/inetd.conf to define the program launched by connection to the
defined port: <port-name> stream nowait tcp nobody /usr/local/bin/Xvnc
Xvnc -inetd <-broadcast or  -query localhost> -once <options> 

	#Xvnc service
	vnc stream nowait tcp nobody /usr/local/bin/Xvnc Xvnc -inetd -query
localhost -once

This is a basic setup that will give you a login in screen that is
640x480 in 8bit color. Either reboot (not :) ) or send a sig HUP to the
inetd process with kill -HUP <inetd process>. You should now be able to
connect to port :50 via vncviewer <host>:50 and get an XDM login screen
at 640x480x8. Use the -geometry <HxW> -depth <color depth> to change
color and size.
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