Winnt won't update screen for user

Bendotti, Gerard gbendotti "at"
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 15:25:02 +0000

	Another question: has anybody installed winvnc on nt4/sp5 as a
	(localsystem, interactive) and tried to connect to a non-admin-user,
and it
	works flawlessly? then I'd know to look in my setup.
	If there is nobody, it could be a bug. (but I can't believe I'd be
the only
	one with this problem if it's a bug)

just so you know we are listening...

I use NT/sp6a as a service, but we are still having the spontaneous reboot,
the suppliers have now changed everything except the hard drive, network and
video cards, they have done power supply, CPU, motherboard, RAM, re-installs
the lot.  I am still convinced it is not VNC, (good job on 1.2 BTW) but they
are now pointing to anything unknown to them.

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