Winnt won't update screen for user

Ph. Marek marek "at"
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 14:44:51 +0000

>what encoding are you using??  Also, to clarify:  does VNC work by itself,
>or are you having problems with VNC in conjunction with openssh??
Well, I don't think it has something to do with openssh.
I can have one session open and logoff/logon IN THIS SESSION and the behaviour
changes as soon as the new user is logged on. eg. if I click on START I
don't see the menu unless I do a manuell refresh (in vncviewer).
I use the standard encoding of tight/copyrect allowed.

>(The standard NT suggestion being, upgrade to service pack 6a and try it
Well, that ain't a possibility here.

Another datapoint: if I start winword sometimes I see a part of the frame
painted, sometimes part of the menues, but never the completed window.
So I think that vnc acts on the mouse click (deferred, as set in the
registry) but doesn't get the information that the window has changed - see
my assumption (in original mail) that vnchooks can't see the messages going
to other windows.

Another question: has anybody installed winvnc on nt4/sp5 as a service
(localsystem, interactive) and tried to connect to a non-admin-user, and it
works flawlessly? then I'd know to look in my setup.
If there is nobody, it could be a bug. (but I can't believe I'd be the only
one with this problem if it's a bug)


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