Connection Problem of VNC 3.3.3R2

HATTORI,SHIGEMI (Non-HP-Japan,ex6) shigemi_hattori "at"
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:41:51 +0000

Dear Developers & Users  of VNC;

I sent  following message a few weeks ago, and got some replies.
But unfortunately we could not solve problem.
I have got the new uncertain information that 
"When  shutting  VNC connection , they clicked close-button  of thre VNC
window ."
After closing , can  the following disconnection problem  occur?
Please give any information to us if you have ?

Dear Developers & Users  of VNC;

We are doing remote maintenance for a website by using VNC3.3.3R2.
It launched four months ago, and used to work very well. But recently we
have phenomena as below. Since it happens irregularly and not so often, we
cannot grasp the reason for it.
We hope that you have some good ideas. If possible, we want to get your

When we try to connect to one of server from a client, the message "Fail to
connect server" being shown in window, so we cannot connect.
Up to the time when we have this message, it worked well. But after that, it
does not work even if we try many times. 
All the services except this software always seem to work well.
VNC is registered on Windows2000 services. The service condition of VNC when
the phenomena happened was "working". There was no event log on Win2000
about it.

Now we have two countermeasures for these phenomena.
(1)	Stop VNC Service
(2)	Execute "remove WinVNC Service" and uninstall
(3)	Re-register VNC on Service of Windows2000 and restart.

(1)	Cannot stop VNC service
(2)	Stop VNC service with kill tool of Windows2000.
(3)	Execute "remove WinVNC Service" and uninstall
(4)	Re-register VNC on Service of Windows2000 and restart.

We want to know why the VNC service will not stop.

(Our environment is as below.
The Server's OS is Windows 2000 advanced server with SP1.
The Clients' OS are Windows2000, Windows98 or WindowsNT.
A dedicated line is used for this Remote Maintenance.)

Sincerely yours.

Shigemi Hattori ; Tokyo,Japan
Hewlett Packard Solution Delivery
e-mail: shigemi_hattori "at"
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