Winnt won't update screen for user

Ph. Marek marek "at"
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 10:28:56 +0000

Hello everybody!

I have a problem.

I have installed Cygwin's openssh and vnc on Win NT 4 SP5.
I tested tightvnc 1.1p8, 1.2.0 and TridiaVNC 1.4.
Same problem with both: screen won't update for users.

If I'm logged on on the server as an administrator, both VNC's work fine -
fast and reliable updates. But if I log in as a normal user, the screen
won't update until I request a manual update.
Using PollForeground, PollUnderCursor and OnlyPollOnEvent won't help - just
the small 32x32 area under the mouse cursor gets painted, so the mouse
leaves a trail on the screen.

I tested PollFullScreen, but that's not practical - much too slow, too much
cpu usage, too high latency ...

Now the interesting thing: If I have on the user-screen a window which
belongs to LOCALSYSTEM or an administrator (eg by using "at x:x
/interactive cmd.exe"), it gets repainted as usual. Even other programs
started from this shell.

So, conclusio: Only windows belonging to a user won't be repainted.
I think that VNCHooks isn't able to register itself to the other windows
due to some security constraints (which are sometimes painful, especially
on NT).

Can somebody help me?


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