Resetting Xvnc using xdm

Barn Owl barnowl "at"
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 06:46:22 +0000

   Try placing it in the normal xinitrc script. As I understand it the
-inetd option actually use your normal xserver or atleast the xinitrc 
instead of VNC's custom session.( Can some out there confirm this one
for me.). Post what worked for you on fixing the the spacing problem and
i will but it in the troubleshooting section.Smae goes for any one else
that has a good info on the -inetd option. 

davidwestbury "at" wrote:
> Oh wow Evan! Nice suggestion! This does exactly what I want. It starts
> a fresh Xvnc each time I connect just like you said. Trouble is, things
> don't look the same now. Seems to be a font issue. Xterms for example have
> strange horizontal character spacing. Double spacing for each character I type for example. I see a -fp switch for Xvnc but I don't know how to use it. I've tried every font path specification I see on my system but Xvnc crashes no matter what directory I specify. I've also inspected the vncserver script that I was using before trying your suggestion. I don't see any font specification there at all but somehow it seems to work correctly. Guess I'll keep trying. I've been at it all day now.
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