getting keystrokes back into fullscreen vnc

Const Kaplinsky const "at"
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 23:22:37 +0000

Hello Tim,

>>>>> "TW" == Tim Waugh <twaugh "at"> writes:

>> This happens to me in all that I have tried. Gnome, KDE2.1, KDE2.2,
>> IceWM, Blackbox....

TW> Okay, I guess it isn't a wm bug. Which VNC package/version/release
TW> are you using? Have you compiled from source?

Oh, I experienced similar problems with every X vncviewer version I've
tried to run, and I think it's not an issue with particular
release/build, but rather a result of X design problem. I'm not an X
expert so I might be just ignorant, but I think there is no way in X
to create real fullscreen window not fooling window manager. As a
result, while we can see fullscreen window, window manager might think
that there is no such window on the screen at all. That is why,
windows managers often think that focus has been moved to another
window, which is not visible under fullscreen VNC (especially, when
input focus follows mouse). And keystrokes that we think should go to
VNC, actually can be seen in other windows.

There are other problems with fullscreen X VNC viewer as well (e.g. 
its window dissapears to nowhere after switching to another window).

That is how I see this situation, although I may be completely wrong.

With Best Wishes,
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