1st experiences with Xvnc (on AIX - viewer on W2k)

Van Doorn, Henk HAE SITI-ISEA Henk.A.E.vanDoorn "at" IS.shell.com
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 19:22:08 +0000

While very pleased with VNC & esp. with Xvnc on AIX, some observations when
first using Xvnc:

1. Xvnc -help does not list any options;
2. cut&paste between the VNC environment & MS Windows applications does not
seem to work;
3. default resolution is 75x75dpi and seems to be fixed; this seems to be
the reason for the large default fonts used at startup;

Could anybody take me further? Esp. 2. cut&paste to/from clipboard should
work to be able to dump my current Xvision setup.

Henk van Doorn
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