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Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel "at"
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 17:56:06 +0000

Moluh Njilie wrote:

> I am a newbie to the list. I would like to set up a
> classroom with about 10 computers (low capacity) and a
> server, all running linux 7.0. I then would install
> Star Office 5.2 on the server and let the 10 clients
> access and use it.
> 1- Is this possible?

Of course! This was possible (and routine) over 10 years
ago. The server would have been a unix box running the
applications (as X clients - the X client/server thing
can be confusing) and the clients would have been either
unix workstations (running an X server) or X-server terminals.

> 2- Is VNC appropriate for this?

Yes, although the protocol is probably heavier than X, you
wouldn't need much horsepower in the clients. In fact, I'd
love to see somebody come up with a floppy-based VNC that
boots a skeleton OS, display driver & Vncviewer. I'm not
sure what sort of load 10 instances of vncserver would put
on the server - not much, I'd imagine (it's probably less
than an X server?) - I'd worry more about 10 staroffices...

Have a look at - the linux terminal server
project. This acheives a similar thing to what you're trying
to do, but with (I think) diskless workstations that boot
a linux image through the network & run local applications
on X. It's probably easier than rolling your own setup with
VNC & local installations of linux on each workstation.

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