Forks? (was Re: Tight VNC)

Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel "at"
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 17:45:08 +0000

Freddy Jensen wrote:

> I have been following some of the email exchange
> reg. TightVNC, and I am curious about whether it
> will eventually be incorporated into the main
> codebase that is maintained at att?

Me too! Seems to me that what with Tridia/Tight/AT&T versions
all forking off in different directions (somebody correct me
if I'm wrong & there's plans to merge diffs or patches) that
there's an overall loss to the user community as a whole. One
of the problems (I guess) is that what would traditionally be
compile-time options (under *ix) don't really work so well
when so many of the platforms VNC is available for aren't
platforms where people are used to compiling stuff <cough>
doze<cough> and so the project forks rather than grows. Pity.

Is it possible to pull it all together again?

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