Tray icon and Firewall conflict

Carlos Alfaro carlosalfaro "at"
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 17:12:05 +0000

This is my second posting - the first one never made
it to the list.
I have read problems with Tray Icon not shutting down.
  It has happened to me only with Win 98 when they
have a software firewall installed - Zone Labs Zone
Alarm.  On the machines which do not have the
fireewall they can shut down and restart with no
problems, as well as the NT 4 Machines I have and the
Win2K (pro and server).  Does anyone know of any
conflicts with a soft firewall or will it be solved on
tne next release of VNC.
VNC r9 - when shuttong down dialog box "wait-end
task-cancel" pops up and i have to reconnect to chose
end task in order for the 98 machine to complete
reboot or shut down.

Thanks in advance for your help


Carlos Alfaro

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