How does XDMCP determine display to manage

Baddah, Shaddy shaddy.baddah "at"
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:22:31 +0000

When an XDM is queried by a display for management, how does it determine
the path to that display. For example, display "myhost:0" queries it, does
the XDM take this from the XDMCP query, or does it try to resolve this from
the XDMCP message (either IP, unix-socket, or other).

The reason I ask is that when I run Xvnc with the -pn "accept failure to
listen on all ports" option, and using only the internet version of the
display name (e.g. "myhost:0"), if I attempt an XDMCP query to the
localhost, the XDM attempts to manage my display by it's local display name,
i.e. throught the unix-socket (ie. ":0"), which isn't enabled, and the
reason I have had to use the -pn option. The XDM in this case is the Solaris
dtlogin. This leads me to believe any of the following could be happening:

*	Although Xvnc continues to run despite the failure to establish a
unix-socket, it still makes XDMCP calls that it detects as being for a
localhost with the local display name (i.e. ":0"). This is what I am getting
at with whether the display name in the query is being used.
*	dtlogin detects that the display is a local one by matching the host
display name with it's own one, and then proceeds to overrule, and attempt
to manage throught the local display name.

Any help will at least aid me in where to look for answer. Without it, I
cannot get the dtlogin on the localhost to manage my Xvnc display.


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