VNC remote install and connection closed

Richard Harris richard.harris "at"
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:16:15 +0000

> VNC running very well. Windows NT4  W2K  always as service.
> Installation using "WINVNC -install" is working.
> I normally insall it "remotely". It works with 3.3.2 but no longer
> with 3.3.3r9

I've got a script that installs VNC remotely to NT4 (with or without a 
domain). Check out

Either have a pop with that, or use the commands I've put in to 
tweak your batch file.
> What i to: i create a batch top start as administrator:
> WINVNC ist installed locally as service with a password set
> Resource Kit Tools SC.EXE and REG.EXE are used
You're on the right track, although the SC command can be a bit of 
a bitch to get just right. I use this line:

SC \\%1 create WinVNC binpath= "%remotetarget%:\Program Files\
ORL\VNC\WinVNC.exe -service" type= own type= interact start= auto

NB: %remotetarget% is a value I pull from the remote machine to 
find it's system drive.

> I know i can schedule a "WINVNC -instal" using AT command or WMI buw
> AT needs "time" and WMI is not always availible. So any hint, why
> winvnc does not allow me to control the station if i install it with
> "SC.EXE" ?

I'd stay away from AT if I were you. Getting the timing just right is 
more problematic than it's worth. I found it a hell of a lot easier to 
push VNC on to a machine, rather than have the remote PC install 
it at a set time period.


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