[VNC] Java VNC screen size

brian ellis brian48 "at" uakron.edu
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 21:27:03 +0000


Just a quick question. I am writing a web based VNC administration
utility and I need to know if it is possible to change the screen size
of the Java VNC server. I know that you can send paramaters to the
windows client and I was wondering if I could do the same to the Java.


Bendotti, Gerard wrote:

>> Today one of my customers had another crash. He knows for sure (and
so I
>> do
>> for 99%) that he didn't use VNC to look at the computer where the
>> occured. Winvnc is installed there.
>I have a new NT machine at work which spontaneously reboots itself, the
>vendors saw VNC and said that is my problem, they did not even know
what it
>was, when I removed VNC and the machine died while using Notepad they
had to
>concede the problem may go further.
>One thing I did notice was that if I want to kill the NT machine all I
>to do is open a VNC session, use ODBC drivers, edit a graphic OR
access the
>machine from another one via the VNC client (Java seems to be not as
>any one on it own is enough.  This is said in good humour as I think
>this is pointing to a problem yet to be identified, because strangely
>Outlook can run for days with no problem, which is unusual.
>I guess my point is, sure consider all options, but in my experience
VNC has
>been more reliable than mail.
>BTW any ideas as to why this machine goes AWOL would be welcome.
>PS I am using TightVNC and I think it is brilliant, could not do my
>(the way I want to) without it.
>Gerard Bendotti
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