How to start WinVNC remotely?

Hannes Har hanneshar "at"
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 17:45:12 +0000

Hi to all!!!

Unfortunately I have forgotten to start WinVNC on a machine I can access by Telnet and FTP. WinVNC does not run as a 
service on this Windows2000 pro machine. If I type in "winvnc.exe" I can connect to the machine and type in my password 
but after this I receive the error message "connection closed". I guess this problems refers to the fact that a windows program 
started from a telnet session does not have a GUI. And WinVNC fails to initialize the screen output in this szenario. The only 
option I found (but somehow the WinVNC does not start) is using the winNT "AT" command combined with the "interactive" 

at \\vergilius 12:21 /interactive cmd /c e:\TCPIP\Telnet\WinVNC\win32\winvnc

In this case the program "winvnc" will start at 12:21 using the normal windows GUI. This trick is working to "tunnel" a 
unidirectional firewall using the "winvnc -connect" option to direct the output in the opposite way when WinVNC 
is already running as a service. But why I can`t start the winvnc program this way without having an active service?

Any ideas what I can do to connect NOW to the PC that has not winvnc running as a service?

Thanks in advance,



Hannes Hartung
hanneshar "at"
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