VNC crashing win box

Barn Owl barnowl "at"
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:22:05 +0000

Hey guys-
   SOme more info to through on this arguement. My roommate an I haev a
small lan where I use VNc and x2vnc ALOT ( read every thing). Any way
For a while we had a problem of every time i started a VNC connection to
one of my servers HIS box would freeze up solid. At first we wthough it
was that he had a VNC server running, so we removed it, Same thing kept
happening. As none of Winbox ever did this we knew it was unique to his
setup. Next we shut off all running programs and I made a connection
wham he froze. NExt we tried to boot him in safe mode no surprise but
everything worked fine. Next safe mode with network support guess what
box froze up. Shortly after this test his box suffered a mjor crash.(
chunked the window dir and reg). After reinstalling windows he has not
had any problems but has also stopped using network traffic monitors. MY
thoughs on this where that some baddly written network apps that try to
act promiscus may be cuasing problems by trying to use packets that they
can't understand cuase a lock up. though this might help some ppl bug
hunting out there.
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