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Wed, 22 Aug 2001 11:50:50 +0000

>>>>> "NB" == Norberto Bensa <nbensa "at"> writes:

NB> Hello, I'm taking my first steps on linux systems. One of the
NB> first thing I've tried was VNC. I can do vncserver on the linux
NB> box, and I get a nice KDE desktop on my MS Windows machine, but if
NB> I open for example gkrellm, the colors are screwed up (just on the
NB> gkrellm window)...

NB> I guess is a GTK problem because I tried other WMs (blackbox,
NB> windowmaker, etc...) but I can see a similar problem on
NB> Enlightenment, where all the screen has wrong colors.

NB> Is there a way to solve this?

This seems to be an Imlib problem (this library is used by both GTK
and Enlightenment), they hardcoded pixel formats compatible with
XFree86 in their rendering code. :-\

Try to run Xvnc with -pixelformat RGB888 option for 24-bit color, or
with -pixelformat RGB565 for 16-bit colors. (Note: TightVNC chooses
these pixel formats by default).

With Best Wishes,
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