black screen problem connecting to w98 machine

Zoran Pantic kizetoni "at"
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 10:38:26 +0000

Hi All,

I did try looking for a solution for my problem in the documentation and
previous messages in mailing list, but with no success. So I decided to try to
bother some other people...   :o)

Problem: I have a small LAN (NT server - English version; W2k sp2 workstations
- Danish version) and VNC 333r9 installed on all machines.

(DIGRESSION: I noticed that there were some discussion about machines crashing
down because of VNC - I never experienced that, although VNC is installed as
service on all machines, and is running constantly!)

So, I am able to look from whatever machine to whatever machine, even looping
back to the same machine using several others in a chain... So all is working
fine. But... Yesterday I added a win98 machine to LAN, and installed VNC on
it. There was no problem installing it, and no problems when I use VNC viewer
to look from that w98 machine to any other machine. But when I try to see
win98 machine with VNC viewer from some other machine, I get black screen. So,
VNC starts, and there is connection, and everything looks perfectly normal,
but the only thing I see is black screen. I went to win98 machine to see how
things are looking there - if feels perfectly normal, and it is obvious it is
"obeying" all comands I am "blindly" issuing, and there is no screen saver
running. I tried several options in VNC viewer, and tried several combinations
of screen resolution/color depths, without any success.

What could be the problem? Any suggestions?

Thanx in advance,

                                  Zoran, Denmark
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