TightVNC 1.2

Const Kaplinsky const "at" ce.cctpu.edu.ru
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 09:39:55 +0000


I'm glad to inform you that TightVNC 1.2.0 has been released. The only
problem is that I'm not able to update pages at www.tightvnc.com right
now, so please use the following URL at this moment:


This release includes all new features that have been available in
recent development versions, WinVNC local cursor updates, and a number
of minor bugfixes. Here is the list of new features since previous
_stable_ version, VNC Tight Encoder 1.1:

* TightVNC 1.2.0

  - Tight encoding is now configurable and can operate at different
    compression levels where low compression levels are very fast in terms of
    CPU usage. New "-compresslevel N" option implemented in vncviewer to set
    compression levels for Tight encoding (1 - fast, 9 - best).

  - Enhanced techniques to split large rectangles in Tight encoder; now it
    tries to find large solid-color areas and send them in separate

  - Lossy JPEG compression in Tight encoding has been implemented, new
    "-quality N" vncviewer option should be used to enable this feature (0 -
    low image quality and best compression, 9 - best image quality). JPEG
    compression is used only for screen areas that seem to be suitable for
    JPEG compression (although algorithms to detect such areas are not
    perfect, of course).

  - New "XCursor" and "RichCursor" encodings implemented. They are used to
    transmit cursor shape updates from server to clients ("local cursor"
    feature requested by many users). Mouse movement no longer causes
    framebuffer updates to happen, vncviewer processes mouse locally when
    this feature is active. New -nocursorshape vncviewer option turns this
    feature off.

  - A number of recent changes from both TridiaVNC and AT&T's releases merged
    into the sourse, now the code is based on version 3.3.3r2 for Unix part,
    and on 3.3.3r9 for Win32.

  - Unix vncviewer: When -tunnel option is specified in the command line,
    special rules are now used to choose preferred encoding. Now viewer does
    not think that server is running on the same machine when tunneling is on
    and the preferred encoding is now "tight" with default compression
    instead of raw.

  - Xvnc: Rules to set default pixel formats have been changed: now they are
    RGB565 instead of BGR556 for color depth 16, and RGB888 instead of BGR888
    for depth 24. This makes Xvnc compatible with Imlib renderer used in
    Gnome and also helps to avoid unnecessary pixel format translations in
    many cases.

  - Xvnc: X11 modifier mapped to META key is now Mod4 instead of Mod1. New
    -compatiblekbd option implemented in Xvnc to force META and ALT keys
    behave the same way as they do in the original AT&T's version.

  - A number of bugs fixed: viewer crashes after inflate() call, Xvnc CoRRE
    encoding problems, etc.

  - Java viewer now supports Tight encoding and cursor shape updates. Drawing
    techniques were changed, settings "Raw pixel drawing: Fast/Reliable" and
    "CopyRect: Fast/Reliable" removed from the Options panel since they do
    not make sense in new drawing model.

  - Other new features, optimizations, fixes and cleanups, see ChangeLog

With Best Wishes,
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