Win 2k re-boot - was RE: atom bomb

Lee Douglas LeeDouglas "at"
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 03:22:59 +0000

A number of people have reported spontaneous re-boots with Win 2k Pro. The 
consensus - not total agreement - reported in the Win 2k NG is that 
whatever it is, applying the SP2 update fixes it for most people. The other 
suggestion for W2k is that it seems to be very sensitive to having the 
_very_ latest W2k drivers for the video card. FWIW

At 08:16 AM 8/22/2001 +0800, you wrote:
> > Today one of my customers had another crash. He knows for sure (and so I
> > do
> > for 99%) that he didn't use VNC to look at the computer where the crash
> > occured. Winvnc is installed there.
> >
>I have a new NT machine at work which spontaneously reboots itself, the
>vendors saw VNC and said that is my problem, they did not even know what it
>was, when I removed VNC and the machine died while using Notepad they had to
>concede the problem may go further.
>One thing I did notice was that if I want to kill the NT machine all I have
>to do is open a VNC session, use ODBC drivers, edit a graphic OR access the
>machine from another one via the VNC client (Java seems to be not as toxic),
>any one on it own is enough.  This is said in good humour as I think all
>this is pointing to a problem yet to be identified, because strangely MS
>Outlook can run for days with no problem, which is unusual.
>I guess my point is, sure consider all options, but in my experience VNC has
>been more reliable than mail.
>BTW any ideas as to why this machine goes AWOL would be welcome.
>PS I am using TightVNC and I think it is brilliant, could not do my work
>(the way I want to) without it.
>Gerard Bendotti
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