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	Heya. Not to split hairs too much, and not as if I
ever tried this myself <g>, but it should be possible with
to create a PPTP/IPSec tunnel, or even a secure bridge, with 
both endpoints behind different firewalls. I've even heard 
about CIPE being used on two 2.4 Linux boxes like this.
	As long as the tunnel passes layer-2 data directly,
and the NetMeeting machines are told about this interface
as the default should work. Ah, to be young
and have too much time on my hands again...:)


> I'll second this; I could never use NetMeeting because there's no way to
> tunnel it securely through a firewall.  Actually, there's no practical way
> to get it through a firewall at all.
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> yes, but does netmeeting work on unix/linux/solaris/max etc etc?
> plus netmeeting uses 5 or more tcp ports to communicate, and a random amount
> of udp ports from 5000-8000 (i beleive).
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