Redhat 7.1 VNC and VMWARE and X.

A. John Peters ajpeters "at"
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 19:44:51 +0000

II got the contr -alt escape to work with the vncview by using the drop 
down box and dwon arrow down arrow esc.  My vmware box is still black.  I 
assume this is an X problem.  Is it  a screen resolution or a X version 

At 12:46 PM 8/21/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I loaded the latest version of VNC from AT&T and my newly install Redhat 
>7.1 machine.  Every thing appeared to run fine except when I started 
>VMWARE with an NT server.  When I powered the NT server on, I got several 
>x messages and the VMWARE NT screen turned black.  Now I cannot use the 
>window or release the cursor.
>1.  Does someone have documentation on the best way to setup and connect 
>to a Redhat 7.1 server running vmware.
>2.  I tried sending a cnt-alt-esc and a cntl-down cntl-down esc sequence 
>and I didn't free the cursor.
>3.  I have connected to the session through netscape and a view.  In the 
>viewer I see a . and in netscape I have an arrow.  I assume this the the 
>difference between a java app and a native viewer.
>4.  do I have to upgrade my X or get a different version to make this work?
>A. John Peters 
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