atom bomb

H. Th. van der Meer h.vandermeer02 "at"
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 16:21:31 +0000


Yes please do send me the binary and new source if posible.
Please send to: hvdmeer "at"

Can you explain what you think you have fixed? I looked some more into this
problem. The more I look the less I understand.
I've created a small program the does a FindGlobalAtom. The VNC global atom
doesn't exist when there is no connection. It does when there is a

Today one of my customers had another crash. He knows for sure (and so I do
for 99%) that he didn't use VNC to look at the computer where the crash
occured. Winvnc is installed there.

Is there any activity in Winvnc when there is no session?

Thank you for taking this serious.


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