W2K Connection Err=170

Joel Griffiths joelg "at" frontpath.com
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:21:52 +0000


I can't seem to figure out why I get this response from my Win2K 
installation... I have tried connecting to the server in both App mode and as 
a service from both Linux and Windoze boxes and always get this failure. I 
took a quick look at the source code and I think (I am not a windoze 
programmer) that this may be some NT thing that doesn't translate well into 
windoze 2K:

        if (!CloseDesktop(old_desktop))
            log.Print(LL_INTERR, VNCLOG("SelectHDESK failed to close old 
desktop %x (Err=%d)\n"), old_desktop, GetLastError());

D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncSockConnect.cpp : accepted connection from
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncClient.cpp : client connected : (3)
Mon Aug 20 13:23:56 2001
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncService.cpp : SelectHDESK to Default (44) from 
44D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncService.cpp : SelectHDESK failed to close old desktop 
44 (Err=170)
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncDesktop.cpp : failed to ReleaseDC
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