TightVNC vs regular VNC

Andre Tertling tertling "at" web.de
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:11:08 +0000

Glenn Mabbutt wrote:

[how to pick raw encoding as default]
> don't know about a reg key, but a work-around would be to connect once to
> the server using whatever encoding and other settings you want, click on the
> "vnc" system menu icon in the top left corner of the viewer, select "Save
> Connection Info".  It'll save the settings used in that session into a .vnc
> text file.  You can then do one of 2 things: go to a command prompt, cd to
> the directory where your vncviewer executable is, and type "vncviewer
> /register", which will then cause all .vnc files to be launched with
> vncviewer automatically, or you can manually launch vncviewer using the
> command prompt via "vncviewer -config somefile.vnc"

I tried the latter as I am using VNC on 3 comps. So I created 3 .vnc
files, made up 
three links on my desktop and now I only need a double-click and the
Thanks a lot for your tip, works great for me. And it even adds some
comfort! :)

Regards, Andre Tertling (tertling "at" web.de)
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