TightVNC Viewer

Const Kaplinsky const "at" ce.cctpu.edu.ru
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:06:22 +0000

>>>>> "AK" == Anouk Kuiling <akuiling "at" home.nl> writes:

AK> I'd like to have "Allow JPG compression level 9" set as default as
AK> I am using TightVNC Viewer. How can this do?

Use the -quality N (or /quality N) option in the command line, e.g. 
modify your shortcut.

But please note that, for JPEG, numbers are quality levels, so highest
compression level would be lowest quality, that is, 0. From the other
side, 9 is the best quality, worse compression.

(By the way, I _always_ use JPEG -quality 0 when I have to connect to
remote hosts.)

With Best Wishes,
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