VNC vs. Microsoft NetMeeting's Shared Desktop

Carlos Alfaro carlosalfaro "at"
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 13:22:23 +0000

I agree 100% - NM only if you are in an MS shop only
(I would ask why, but this is not the place)

I confirm the last part of your comment as well.  I
have created a static "web page" on my co's intranet
and all I do is access it to click a link and via the
web browser (and java-server on target PC) I have
immediate control of the target pc.

Good reasoning and break down of the situation.

--- Richard Harris <rich "at"> wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> > I installed VNC because I thought it was the only
> free program out
> > there to remotely control my server.  I have the
> server on a Windows
> > NT4 Server, and the viewers on 2 PCs running
> Win98SE.  Then, I found
> > Microsoft NetMeeting's Shared Desktop.  I have
> compared the
> > performance of VNC with Microsoft NetMeeting's
> Shared Desktop, and I
> > have found the latter to be superior.  I get a
> better picture, a lower
> > latency, generally the same features of VNC, plus
> you can issue a
> > CTRL+ALT+DEL command to the server.  Before I do
> something I would
> > regret, what reasons are there for me not to stay
> with NetMeeting, and
> > uninstall VNC?
> If you are a pure MS environment, then I guess you
> could argue the 
> case for going along with Netmeeting. However, VNC
> has a couple 
> of very good advantages over NM:
> 1. VNC is a very small program and can be configured
> so you can 
> install it during the login script (win 9x boxes) or
> pushed to the PC 
> (2000 and NT). I wouldn't like to install Netmeeting
> on a batch of 9x 
> boxes via a login script. With VNC, I know I can do
> this and it's not 
> a problem. 
> I have VNC builds that are small enough to be sent
> down a modem 
> and be installed (536kb for 9x! and that includes
> password and 
> desktop config).
> 2. VNC development continues slowly but continually.
> The NM 
> program *is* bundled with Windows, but as it's owned
> by MS, you 
> won't get them to add a feature that you think is
> useful. On the 
> other hand, VNC is open source and a number of
> modifications 
> have come out since its release a few years ago.
> 3. The quality of the support. I know this sounds
> like blowing the 
> trumpet here, but I'd say that you'd get better
> support on VNC than 
> you would Netmeeting. There are a lot of ppl out
> there - mostly 
> sysadmins - who use VNC, their experiences are bound
> to cover 
> something you'll ask.
> 4. VNC isn't forced upon you. You may find that
> Windows XP + 1 
> comes with a new version of NetMeeting that isn't
> compatable with 
> your older PCs. VNC's alterations are designed so
> that they "can 
> be used" as opposed to "must be". (tightVNC works
> just fine with 
> VNC or Tridia).
> So, if you find a version of VNC that fits your
> needs, stick with it. 
> As MS release new versions of Windows, so VNC will
> develop to 
> provide support on them.
> Personally, I wouldn't go down the Netmeeting route.
> Ok, it's 
> bundled with some version of Windows, but at the end
> of the day, 
> its design and functionality aren't in control of
> the end users.... 
> Additionally, I know which I'd rather debug - VNC
> has a few registry 
> keys which are easily found and alerted accordingly.
> I wouldn't like 
> to try and pick NetMeeting out of the registry.
> You don't have to choose between VNC and NetMeeting.
> VNC has 
> such a small footprint that you could install it on
> all your boxes and 
> I doubt you'd notice the overhead. Compare that to
> an install of 
> Netmeeting. :-)
> VNC has some excellent add-ons out there too. VNC
> Commander 
> gives you an easy to use GUI front end, or if you're
> good with web 
> pages, it's easy to set up a web page will links to
> all your PCs on 
> it. Click the link and this connects you to the
> target PC (subject to 
> authentication).
> Hope that helps,
> Richard
> email: rich "at"
> web:
> "Service, price, quality: pick any two."
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