VNC vs. Microsoft NetMeeting's Shared Desktop

Yan Seiner yan "at"
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:14:36 +0000

Apologies.  Not meant to bite anyone's head off, nor to be rude or 

I had a bad weekend - 6 power failures over 4 days that shut down my 
server, storms that knocked out comm lines, telco can't tell me when I 
can get broadband connected to our new building.....  Doesn't justify 
taking it out on someone who posted.

Anyway, I agree - and my post was pretty snippety.  Always seems that 
way afterwards, doesn't it?


Andrew van der Stock wrote:

> Yan, that wasn't what the dude asked for. It's not MS FUD or a troll. The
> question is simple and the answers are as varied as everyone on this list.
> Being rude or disdainful of a person's platform is extremely
> counterproductive and causes a ghetto gap between platforms, and will
> further marginalise your choice of platform as a viable option once it is
> equal to the incumbent in functionality and productiveness.
> Why would Microsoft platform people be interested in adopting open source
> products if the only experience they ever get is to have their head bitten
> off for daring to politely ask about the features of the product you'd like
> them to use? Please, as a open source person, I politely ask you to think
> before you post. There is no cost in being polite, and much cost to
> everyone's efforts here by being rude.

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